Our DIY Lampshade

I was suddenly inspired to "dress up" our lampshade after I saw this DIY tutorial over the internet. 

My inspiration:

We have just bought a yard-length japanese cotton fabric on sale, and it's perfect for the lamp!   It's an indigo fabric with japanese cherry blossoms:

Actually our lamp is already a pretty one to begin with, but the lampshade is already dirty on one side (our benefactor forget to check the item when he bought it so he didn't see that there were dark marks along the inside edges of the lampshade).   So a "make over" is also in order. 

Here is the "before" photo of the lamp:

What we did:

1.  We traced the upper and lower edges of the lamp on to the cloth (Note:   it's still best to do it first on a manila paper then use that as a template in cutting the cloth).  The start and end points shall be the vertical seam in the middle of the lampshade. 

2.  Cut the fabric.  You will get this shape.

3.   Next we fitted the fabric with the lampshade.  Thankfully, our first cut was perfect.

4.  We sealed the fabric into the lampshade using a fabric glue (a powerful double adhesive tape can also do the trick). 

5.  We proceeded to cut another piece of cloth from the fabric that will be used to glue to the lampshade with its stand.

6.  To make the lower edge look more neat, we glued some of our left over dark brown satin ribbon around it.

Here is the "after" photo of our lamp:

And when it is turned on at night, it glows like this:

Whaddya think?  We think it's nice and not a bad one for our first try hehe.   We absolutely adore the lit-up little white flowers in the fabric.   The indigo shade of the fabric was a nice break to our beige-and-brown colored living room. 

Here's to more DIY projects at home!


Saturday at Bonifacio High Street

The last time we were at Bonifacio High Street was for our pre-nup.

Yesterday we were there just to stroll around, check out Fully Booked and eat, eat, eat (hehe!).

We missed this:

We had lunch at Pancake House.

Our appetizer:   Pancake House's potato salad.

I had my favorite Pan Chicken Meal, which is always consistently good.

AJ craved for their Pork Tocino Meal. 

We went to Fully Booked afterward to see if they are on sale.  They are not.   So we looked instead for books to add on our wish list.   Will buy them once they are on sale, using our wedding GCs.

I got curious with the "Little Bee" by Chris Cleave.   The book review by Amazon got me all the more excited!

I also browsed through this coffee table book on the William-Kate royal wedding by LIFE magazine.   A collector's item!

Next we stopped at Krispy Kreme for our iced latte and doughnut fix while enjoying their free wi-fi.

We capped the evening with pizza, pasta and chicken fingers at Joey Pepperoni, located at the Fairway Towers:

We forgot to pass by Sonja's Cupcakes to buy their red velvet cupcake for our late night tea.    We had cookies instead.    Yummy!

It's been a while since we had this kind of a "date".   For the past weeks we're always out doing errands or looking for stuff for our home.    With a rough week ahead of me at work, a relaxing weekend is just about what I need. 

J. Lo, Marc Anthony split after 7-year marriage

Another one of those powerhouse couple splits.  But this one was unexpected.

You can read the full article here at International Business Times.

The split was announced yesterday, and I was kinda surprised to learn about it because they look to me like a perfect couple - they share the same passion for music and entertainment.   Their chemistry onstage was genuine, and they do make beautiful music together. 

And who would have thought that they are having problems already, especially after their highly-charged performance at the finale of American Idol:

Being both artists, I think maybe their individual careers brought about a strain in their relationship.   Maybe they came to a point were they want to pursue different career paths (not to mention that J. Lo is more popular than her husband) and compromises cannot be made.

But that's just me. 

The couple is blessed with twins, which will undoubtedly be J. Lo's source of strength in these trying times.


Food Post: Cafe Mediterranean

It's been a while since AJ and I ate at Cafe Mediterranean.  Particularly the Rockwell branch.  

Last Sunday, we had our lunch here after hearing mass at Rockwell's chapel (located on the 3rd floor).

Their "little plates" are our favorite.   We had our usual sampler plates, which is made up of several of their little plates with pita breads on the side:

Our favorites:  Tabbouleh, Tapenade and Kofta.  

Tabbouleh is a combination of nutty cracked wheat , tomatoes and parsley. 

Tapenade is a rich olive spread, with capers  and olive oil from Provence (this one's my favorite!)

Kofta is made up of ground beef and lamb from Greece grilled on skewers.

This colorful and flavor-rich meal costs only P235.00 and is already good for sharing.

For our main lunch, AJ and I each had a Chicken Gyro (priced at P115.00 / order with fries and pickles).

We noticed though that its size got smaller.  But still it's good, so good it was well worth the price.

We were happy with our mediterranean lunch and we were both feeling good afterward.  Maybe its due to our meal's low-calorie, low-cholesterol ingredients.  

Cafe Mediterranean is located at the Ground Floor, Rockwell.  It also has branches at the old Greenbelt and SM Mall of Asia.

Random Photos

From our Samsung ES70 digital camera.   It's a point-and-shoot camera so I still have to practice how to get clearer shots.

My engagement and wedding rings.

My breakfast today:  garlic rice, scrambled egg and corned beef.   Cooked by AJ, no less!

Our new table accents.  The frames are a wedding gift from my friend, Neil.

Light lamps at The French Baker.

Our sofa from Mandaue Foam. 

My LV Papillon Bag.

Next in my list:  study Adobe Photoshop hehe.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

New Home Accents from Dapitan Arcade

Our accent table is now looking prettier with these new additions...

White Cage Candle Lamp bought at Dapitan Arcade for P700.00.    A similar design would normally cost P1,800 to P2,500 at department stores.

Ceramic Plates and Balls, bought also at Dapitan Arcade for only P150.00 and citronella candle from The Landmark.

Last Saturday, AJ and I finally went on to Dapitan Arcade to check on possible home furnishings and decors.  But there were only few stalls open, maybe because of the heavy downpour the night before.

Nonetheless, AJ and I enjoyed sight-seeing on these home decorations being sold at very, very, very low prices:

Ceramic bowls and plates of various shapes and sizes.

Ceramic balls selling at P45.00 to P75.00 each.

We were surprised to see so many MJ figurines there.

White ceramic plates and other ceramic containers.

Roman and Thai figurines (very, very pretty!)

More ceramic goodies (kitchen items this time)

Cute baby buddhas  =)   And in cool / fierce colors!

I'd love to hoard these plates but where to put them?  Hehe.

Dapitan Arcade is worth checking out.  Your money will definitely buy you a lot already for your home and especially your kitchen!    

We'll surely go back there to check on new items and enjoy another round of sightseeing hehe.

Food Post: Buffet Galore at Vikings

You have probably heard of this new eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant near SM Mall of Asia that has been drawing crowds these past months:

Welcome to Vikings.   

Here are some of the food lined up to greet you:

The salad/appetizer bar.   This set-up reminds me so much of the buffet restaurant at The Hyatt Hotel in Manila.

More appetizers!  

The sushi bar.  A big hit!

I would have gotten more pictures of the food but I got hungry looking and taking pictures of them so I started filling up my plate already.

I should be ashamed in showing you what I had at Vikings (because they are PLENTY and un-befitting of a lady hehe) but what the heck, it's an eat-all-you-can buffet anyway.

For appetizer I had...

Freshly-baked bread, pasta salad, grapes-and-olives salad, potato salad and a piece of chicken finger.   The chicken finger is tops!  I ended up coming back for more of this.  The potato and pasta salad were also very good, they are comparable to the salads being served at hotels.   Not in picture is the pumpkin soap I had which is also good - very creamy and not heavily salted.

Now for the main course...

Shrimp with butter garlic sauce, Japanese Rice, Fish and Chips, Vegetable Ratatouille, Chicken Fingers (again) and Lengua (Ox Tongue).  

I love all my choices and my favorite would be the Lengua - very tender.  And also the vegetable ratatouille which is very flavorful and the vegetables doesn't have a soggy texture.  

As if my plate wasn't full enough, I went back to the buffet table to get these...

Salmon Pizza, Shark's fin dumpling and Pancit Canton.  Burp burp burp!

Now for the desserts.   It was really tempting to try all these goodies...

Yummy, yes?  Super yummy I would say.  I had only the red velvet cake (in bite-size) and coffee brownie.   The red velvet cake is a must-try!

I capped my meal(s) with a cup of hot brewed coffee (they have refillable coffee too, nice!).  

Do try Viking's.   I say you're missing a lot if you haven't eaten here yet.    It's way, way better than YakiMix.   The cost per head is P688.00 during weekdays and P888.00 during weekends.  The prices quoted are exclusive of the service charge (around 5%).

Vikings is located at Building B, San Miguel by the Bay, Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia.  You can also call them for reservations at these numbers:  846-3888, 846-4888 and 846-5888 (too many 8's, my lucky number yey!).

Wedding Pictures from Nat Lamano

I got the second batch of pictures from Nat Lamano, our photographer friend who rendered his services free for our wedding (thanks so much, Nat!).

You saw the first batch of his pictures here, taken at Hotel Celeste.    He got an eye for detail, and while his are post-processed pictures, he did not go over-the-top.   You know I hate it when I see pictures with background colors changed into something new, so it was a relief to know that Nat enhances the background scenes in his pictures instead of changing them, and obstructive details turns into playful details.    

Here are some more of the pictures he took at the church and at our reception venue, The Pergola:

I love this!   Very classic-looking.   This was taken before the wedding ceremony started. 

Finally a solo shot of AJ!    Yehey!

I super love this photo.   The weather turned good after the mass so you could see how happy we were for that, too.   Another thing, the entourage and guests' brown attire matched perfectly well with St. John Bosco's exteriors.   The color matches are just perfect!

Here's our entrance walk at the Pergola.

Our First Dance.  We danced to the tune of  "Your Song"  by Elton John.   We did not have any dance number ready so just went with the flow. 

And lastly, here is our photowall entry hehe:

Nat will mail to me the rest of his raw shots.  Can't wait!   

Nat Lamano is now accepting full and back-up wedding photography services.  He's great!  I hope he prospers soon!  You can reach him at his mobile number: 0917-4832372.

Looking at his pictures, I happily relive the moments of sheer joy that I experienced during our wedding.    

Thanks again, Kuya Nat!

A Grand Sale of Post-Wedding Items

Last Saturday I went through our post-wedding stuff to see how I can organize and store them in the storage boxes we just bought. 

I found items which I think might benefit future brides out there and decided to post them in my eBay account.  I'm selling them cheap, so just bid, ladies, if you happen to be looking for any of these:

1.  Wilton Printable Tags

I bought them on sale at Gourdo's for P97.50 / pack and now I'm selling them at P75.00 per pack or P150.00 for the two.  You can make 200 give-away tags with these.  Great for DIY projects!  Bid here if interested  =).

2.  Wedding Hair Clips

I bought these at Divisoria.  All 12 pieces for just P150.00.  A steal!   I never got the chance to wear these since I opted to use my old hair accessories.    Bid here if interested  =).

3.  L'Occitane Verbena Set

You all know that I had my wedding preps at Hotel Celeste.  We ended up staying there for another night so I got 2 sets of the L'Occitane Verbena set.  The first set is half-empty already hehe, and second set is unused and I'm selling.   I threw in a Body & Bath Works lotion as freebie.  All for just P800.00.  Bid here now!

4.    Nine & Co.  Little Shot Satchel

This is supposed to be my bridal pouch (it's something brown, which was our motif) but my MOH advised that I carry nothing with me because chances are I will just misplace them, with all the moving around I have to do.   Being a small bag, there isn't much opportunities for me to carry this tote satchel so I am selling it for just P500.00.   Bid here now, it's beautiful and in very mint condition.

5.  The Microwaves!

We don't have plans of putting up a restaurant so we won't be needing all 3 microwaves that we got as wedding presents.   So we are selling the extra 2 we have - one from American Home and another one from 3D.    

Happy bidding, all!   If you have questions about any of the items above, just leave me a message here or at my eBay account.   I also am selling lots of books, also at eBay.


The Ghost Chair at Mandaue Foam

An acrylic Ghost Chair is one of the many beautiful furniture that I want for our home.

Who wouldn't fall in love with these Louis ghost chairs, designed by Philippe Starck for Kartell?

Surprisingly, I found this exact same chair being sold at Mandaue Foam for only P2,000:

You might wonder why only P2,000.  It's on sale and is marked down by 50%.   I was all set in buying it but AJ stopped me hehe, because it's a sample chair and has scratches already.  

But if you happen to be looking for one as accent chair (a pretty throw pillow can easily distract the chair scratches), then go check Mandaue Foam (Quezon Avenue branch) and see if this ghost chair is still available.  We checked if there are other stock of this design available and were told that this is the last ghost chair they have.

Sigh.   Better luck next time for us.