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A Day at Chocolate Lovers in Cubao

Half of our day today was spent checking out Chocolate Lovers in Cubao.   We have always wanted to visit this place but never got around into doing it until the need arises:   we are scouting for some give-aways / wedding favors for guests.

I know I said before that we won't be giving something to the guests.   But my office mate and fellow sisters at w@w helped me find ideas that will not put a big dent on our wedding budget and will leave all guests happy.    

So off we went to Chocolate Lovers today - AJ and I - without plans of buying something for our wedding.  

The outside facade of the store is really cute!    I just hope they can do something about the electric lines obstructing the castle's view.

I thought we have convinced ourselves well that we will not buy something from the store yet .  But my gad, we're wrong. 

The sight of these chocolate balls made us change our minds immediately:

Kilos of Chocolate Balls!   In shades of red, light blue, gold and pink!

Unfortunately, they don't have them in dark brown or light green, which should be perfect with our motif.

So we decided to look at the gold balls instead.  Here they are, up close and personal:

500g of these gold choco balls costs P149.00 while 1kg costs P298.00.

We also saw rows and rows of chocolate bars, in various sizes and colors.

There were lots of packaging materials available there too, in box-type or plastic-type, depending on the size of the give-aways you want:

We liked these mini square plastic boxes in brown the most:


Each pack (of 10 square boxes) sells at P35.   AJ and I loved these so much we got 17 packs (170 square boxes) for the give-aways hehe!

Here are samples of the chocolate give-aways which you will find at Chocolate Lovers (if you don't have an idea yet of how to package your chocolate give-aways):

Aside from getting the mini square plastic boxes, we also bought 2 rolls of silver ribbons (priced at P60 / roll) and 500g of the gold choco balls (P149) to have something to use in preparing the mock-up/sample of the give-aways.   I will start on it tomorrow (yey!).

I am indeed thankful to my office mate and w@wie sisters (special mention to Ms. Kat!) for encouraging me to check out Chocolate Lovers.  AJ and I had a great time looking over the many molds and chocolate products available there.  Too bad I can't take much pictures of the store because it is prohibited.   We will go back there around 3rd week of May  to buy the gold chocolate balls for the give-aways.

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