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Dressing Up My Entourage

The ladies in my entourage will wear a twist-wrap dress in jersey fabric.

This choice of dress was a result of my countless consultations with them (there are only 4 ladies in my entourage composed of the Matron of Honor and 3 Secondary Sponsors.  No bridesmaids and flower girls for me).

Here are the pegs of the dress styles I showed to them:

The ladies love it!  So I asked my "sisters" over at W@W for referrals on who can make this kind of dress for us.  

One W@Wie referred me to Marilenn Florendo, who is based in Cebu.   I sent her an email and scheduled my sis-in-law (who is my Matron of Honor and is based in Cebu) to visit her shop there.

Call it good luck or what, but it turned out that Ms. Florendo's residence is just in a village next to my brother's (and sis-in-law's) village.   So going to her house is not a hassle as it is just a few blocks away.

Btw, Ms. Marilenn is already abroad, it is her equally-talented and super-friendly mom, Mrs. Lili, who is running the business now.   It was a breeze transacting with her whom I've come to call "Tita" (aunt) hehe because she is really nice.

Here are some of pictures of their actual creations:

My orders were done in 2-weeks time (that fast! no stress at all) and they all fitted beautifully.   I ordered them late February and by 2nd week of March they are already with me (shipped from Cebu).   My girls just love them!

Here are their pictures when they tried on the dress:

Dress Style:  Kimono Wrap.
Length:  Tea Length

Dress Style:  Sleevless, Two-Shoulder Wrap
Length:  Tea Length

Dress Type:  Halter Wrap
Length:  Floor Length

Aren't they lovely?  The dress are in chocolate brown shade and they love it because they can very well use it for other events, just by accessorizing it with their shoes and bags of other colors!   Yehey!  Am so happy!
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