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Pearls and Weddings

We Filipinos believe that pearls should not be a part of your wedding.  Pearls, according to our culture, symbolizes tears, and a bride wearing pearls on her wedding day will encounter many sad (and crying) moments in her married life.  

If only there is no such superstition here, I will gladly wear pearls on my wedding.  I just love pearls!

Unlike other high-valued gems like diamonds and emeralds which are nature-made, pearls are formed by living, breathing animal - pearl oysters.    That's why I always marvel at the beauty of pearls because it's a miracle that they are formed out of the relationship between pearl oysters and parasites.

Let me share with you some of the pictures I took when we last went to Greenhills, haven of Philippine pearls - both the south sea and freshwater varieties.  We went to the "tiangges" selling pearls in different colors and sizes, and in various forms - earrings, rings, chokers and long strands.  You can have them customized too according to your desired length and color combinations.

Lovely pearl necklace with pearls in white, champagne and light pink colors.

Three-strand pearl choker in chocolate brown color!   That's our color motif!

Pick your color!  Pearl strands in various colors.  If I remember right, each cost P1,800.00

More pearls, in shorter strands.  Unfortunately, there are no nice gold pearls in Greenhills.  Golden South Sea Pearls are found harvested only in Palawan, I think.

This is my favorite!  Chanel trinkets in white freshwater pearl strand.

What about you?  What jewelry will you or did you wear on your wedding day?
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