Leah (leideleon) wrote,

Sad and worried...

Should I worry about not having received any wedding pictures from my other photographers?   Although Nat has already promised to send the raw pictures by post, I haven't received any from Von Lazaro yet, our back-up photographer.  I am expecting more from him since he was the only one paid for his services.   The rest took our photos pro bono, as a wedding gift to us.

Now I read that he's gone to the US and I am a bit worried because he has not given me feedback on when I could have our pictures.   Von is a very talented photographer in my opinion and I am actually happy that he's trying his luck there in the land of the free - where opportunities are aplenty and where photography subjects are endless.  It will surely boost up his portfolio.    

I don't want to let the excitement over the pictures he took at our wedding die down.   But I hate to be on the waiting side.  If I get our photos, well and good.  If not, then it's okey.   I think I will treasure most the shots taken by my brother - not because he's my brother, but because he captured the most beautiful moments in our wedding. 

I am going to give the rest of my suppliers' ratings soon.   I owe it to my w@wie sisters who have helped me much, and seeing that I can't get the rest of the photos on time, I will just make it as lively and detailed as I can. 


I received a message from Von just now over at facebook.  He said he will send the pictures by tomorrow.  He's in the US indeed to take up a short course (maybe about photography).   He also said he's coming home soon as he is getting homesick.      Will relay the message over at w@w to update his other bride-clients.


Tags: random thoughts, w@w, wedding, wedding suppliers

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