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Food Post: Cafe Mediterranean

It's been a while since AJ and I ate at Cafe Mediterranean.  Particularly the Rockwell branch.  

Last Sunday, we had our lunch here after hearing mass at Rockwell's chapel (located on the 3rd floor).

Their "little plates" are our favorite.   We had our usual sampler plates, which is made up of several of their little plates with pita breads on the side:

Our favorites:  Tabbouleh, Tapenade and Kofta.  

Tabbouleh is a combination of nutty cracked wheat , tomatoes and parsley. 

Tapenade is a rich olive spread, with capers  and olive oil from Provence (this one's my favorite!)

Kofta is made up of ground beef and lamb from Greece grilled on skewers.

This colorful and flavor-rich meal costs only P235.00 and is already good for sharing.

For our main lunch, AJ and I each had a Chicken Gyro (priced at P115.00 / order with fries and pickles).

We noticed though that its size got smaller.  But still it's good, so good it was well worth the price.

We were happy with our mediterranean lunch and we were both feeling good afterward.  Maybe its due to our meal's low-calorie, low-cholesterol ingredients.  

Cafe Mediterranean is located at the Ground Floor, Rockwell.  It also has branches at the old Greenbelt and SM Mall of Asia.
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