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New Home Accents from Dapitan Arcade

Our accent table is now looking prettier with these new additions...

White Cage Candle Lamp bought at Dapitan Arcade for P700.00.    A similar design would normally cost P1,800 to P2,500 at department stores.

Ceramic Plates and Balls, bought also at Dapitan Arcade for only P150.00 and citronella candle from The Landmark.

Last Saturday, AJ and I finally went on to Dapitan Arcade to check on possible home furnishings and decors.  But there were only few stalls open, maybe because of the heavy downpour the night before.

Nonetheless, AJ and I enjoyed sight-seeing on these home decorations being sold at very, very, very low prices:

Ceramic bowls and plates of various shapes and sizes.

Ceramic balls selling at P45.00 to P75.00 each.

We were surprised to see so many MJ figurines there.

White ceramic plates and other ceramic containers.

Roman and Thai figurines (very, very pretty!)

More ceramic goodies (kitchen items this time)

Cute baby buddhas  =)   And in cool / fierce colors!

I'd love to hoard these plates but where to put them?  Hehe.

Dapitan Arcade is worth checking out.  Your money will definitely buy you a lot already for your home and especially your kitchen!    

We'll surely go back there to check on new items and enjoy another round of sightseeing hehe.

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