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A Grand Sale of Post-Wedding Items

Last Saturday I went through our post-wedding stuff to see how I can organize and store them in the storage boxes we just bought. 

I found items which I think might benefit future brides out there and decided to post them in my eBay account.  I'm selling them cheap, so just bid, ladies, if you happen to be looking for any of these:

1.  Wilton Printable Tags

I bought them on sale at Gourdo's for P97.50 / pack and now I'm selling them at P75.00 per pack or P150.00 for the two.  You can make 200 give-away tags with these.  Great for DIY projects!  Bid here if interested  =).

2.  Wedding Hair Clips

I bought these at Divisoria.  All 12 pieces for just P150.00.  A steal!   I never got the chance to wear these since I opted to use my old hair accessories.    Bid here if interested  =).

3.  L'Occitane Verbena Set

You all know that I had my wedding preps at Hotel Celeste.  We ended up staying there for another night so I got 2 sets of the L'Occitane Verbena set.  The first set is half-empty already hehe, and second set is unused and I'm selling.   I threw in a Body & Bath Works lotion as freebie.  All for just P800.00.  Bid here now!

4.    Nine & Co.  Little Shot Satchel

This is supposed to be my bridal pouch (it's something brown, which was our motif) but my MOH advised that I carry nothing with me because chances are I will just misplace them, with all the moving around I have to do.   Being a small bag, there isn't much opportunities for me to carry this tote satchel so I am selling it for just P500.00.   Bid here now, it's beautiful and in very mint condition.

5.  The Microwaves!

We don't have plans of putting up a restaurant so we won't be needing all 3 microwaves that we got as wedding presents.   So we are selling the extra 2 we have - one from American Home and another one from 3D.    

Happy bidding, all!   If you have questions about any of the items above, just leave me a message here or at my eBay account.   I also am selling lots of books, also at eBay.


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