Leah (leideleon) wrote,

Sophie's Mom Bakery and Confectionary

My Ninang-officemate CDR and I always look at this bakeshop every time we pass by this neighborhood in San Antonio Village, Makati:

The store display reminded me so much of this candy bar that I once considered for our wedding:

Photo credit: Simply Love Vintage

It's very pretty in pink.  And today, we were finally able to check it out.  Turned out it's none other than Sophie's Mom Bakery and Confectionary!

I felt like I stumbled upon a treasure!   I've heard about their famous mochi ice cream but since the bakeshop is still in the finishing stage, they don't have it yet.

What we saw were freshly baked breads that smell just wonderful:

I was immediately drawn to their sourdough buns that look so yummy:

I tried one and it's perfect!   Has a hint of saltiness that I like and the dough is soft and its texture is just right (not dry).   Would you believe that each bun costs only P5.00?   So I bought 20 pieces for P100.00.  

The ice cream glasses on display are just so cute and are ready for the mochi ice cream hehe!

This centerpiece table arrangement has a shabby chic feel on it,  but the electric fan just have to go, though.   I think it'll look prettier too with floral china cups to complete an "afternoon tea party" look.

Can't wait to see the store finally open and all those goodies lined up for us to enjoy!  

Meantime, you can place your orders online.   Sophie's Mom also sells sugar cookies and cupcakes, among other dough products.
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