Leah (leideleon) wrote,

My Temporary Satchel Bag

I really have no patience when it comes to bags  =). 

I've been lusting over a satchel bag these past weeks but I've yet to place my order for the handmade satchel bag from Ms. Frances of Topaz Horizon.

So while that is in the works, I couldn't help but buy this Mulberry Alexa-inspired bag at Cash and Carry (priced real cheap):

It's a good replica of a Mulberry Alexa bag, shown below in its real, original and authentic form:

There's no way I could afford this bag, priced at £875.84 in Net-A-Porter.   But you could very well see the difference between the real thing and its replica.  I think the one I got is not a perfect copy of the original Mulberry Alexa and that's kinda good because this is just a test bag.

I am really liking this temporary satchel bag, and I can't wait to get my hands on the handmade one!   I missed carrying long-strapped shoulder bags.  For the longest time I've been carrying tote bags and other big, roomy bags because I am used to carrying my whole room in my bag hehe.   But I have to compartmentalized my things and carry only the essentials now because AJ and I go out for short errands nowadays there's no reason for me to bring my whole room.

More on my bag collection in my future posts  =)    
Tags: bags, shopping

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