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Our own-style Breaded Pork Fillet

Our lunch today was very easy to prepare and cook.   It's the ol' classic breaded pork (we used the butterfly-cut pork, instead of porkchops) which we just seasoned in salt and pepper, then coated with flour (seasoned with salt and basil leaves), battered egg and bread crumbs. 

Here's our pork fillet being fried (by me, yehey!):

I feel much comfortable frying meat coated with bread crumbs because it lessens oil "splashes" which I am definitely not cool with.

Here's the pork fillet being fried beautifully:

We're using a Tefal fry pan, by the way, a wedding gift from my officemate, Rose (thanks Rose!).

Here's the finished product:

You must be wondering what's the scrambled eggs are for.   Well, we don't want to put into waste the eggs we used as coating for the pork fillet so we fried them too hehe!

The basil leaves added flavor to the pork fillet and I think we can have this same version too with chicken breasts for a chicken parmigiana pasta.   

I am slowly enjoying our cooking sessions at home and it's one of the things I look forward to every weekends now (aside from hitting the malls hehe).

Have a great Sunday, everyone!

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