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Supplier's Review: Hotel Celeste

Booking Hotel Celeste was one of the happy decisions we made during our wedding.   The booking process itself was stress-free (thanks to Ms. Macky, our reservations officer) and it was done online.  We got really good price with direct booking (it's much cheaper than booking through Agoda or any other online ticketing agency) and I got my dream room to boot!

Look at my dream room (room 307, picture c/o Hotel Celeste):

Look at me in my dream room!

I also got to do this glamour shot with the suite's couch / bench ? (sorry I'm totally zero with furniture names):

At the lobby of Hotel Celeste:

Want some more pictures from the hotel?  I finally got some of Nat's photos! (Nat, by the way, is one of my brother's friend-photographer who is equally good as him and who has just started his wedding photography business). 

Check him out with these beautiful pictures!

At the left is the picture of the hand-painted leaves at the wall.

Our wedding rings. 

My simple yet superstar gown hehe!  

This shot was taken just minutes before we left for the church. 

More pictures from Nat to come soon (with his contact details for those who are into his style and would want to get his photography services).  

Now, I've said this before and I will say it again, you should have your wedding preps at Hotel Celeste.  For me, it's the best boutique hotel in the whole of Metro Manila and the very nice suites will help you relax and enjoy your last night as a single. 

More reasons why Hotel Celeste is the best:
  1. Booking is very easy with their online direct booking facility.   To book, just email reservations@hotelceleste.ph.   I got lower rates when I inquired from here, as compared to other online ticketing agencies like Agoda, etc.
  2. They're not strict with taking pictures inside and outside the suite.   They're so used to having their suites featured in magazines na rin k'se hehe.  
  3. They have very warm, hospitable and super helpful staff.   And because there are very few rooms at Hotel Celeste, the staff will remember you instantly and will gladly assist you in whatever way they can.
  4. They're very flexible.  We decided to book the same suite for another night (honeymoon night) and they accommodated us instantly and without additional deposit required. 
  5. You will absolutely love its interiors!  My mom (who stayed with me on the eve of the wedding) kept on saying how beautiful it was. She was the one who insisted that we spend our honeymoon there at Hotel Celeste.   You see, we originally planned on an impromptu Tagaytay trip for the honeymoon and we're just glad to have trashed the idea temporarily.  We're dead tired after the wedding and coming home to a beautiful hotel suite totally livened up our moods.
  6. The breakfast menu is simple but yummy!

That said, my rating for Hotel Celeste is nothing but......................... OUTSTANDING!  (for its service, amenities and price)

We will surely go back here one of these days hehe.
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