July 29th, 2011

Google Ads!

Am I dreaming or what???  Is it the Google Ads I'm seeing at the right side bar of my journal?



I think I got my hopes too high and too early.  The Google Ads disappeared again.  Perhaps the glitches currently being experienced by LiveJournal users enabled this feature but did not make it stay when it should be.


School of Satchel (SOS)

It looks like I still can't get enough of my lust for satchel bags!

I just saw this pretty and affordable satchel bag available thru online ordering at Heima:

It's made by the School of Satchel (SOS).  How come I haven't heard of them before??    Now I can realize my dream of owning a Cambridge-like Satchel Bag without putting a big dent in my wallet. 

This 13" satchel / batchel is very affordable at P4,800.00, considering that it's 100% genuine leather!     

I heart this so much!   I will start saving now to have one of this, in lovely blue color.

Btw, SOS' satchel bags are available in 15" (for those who prefer briefcase-size bags), also at Heima:

Meantime, my satchel bag from Frances is in the works already and I think I will get that sometime this August.  Yey!

If you are also searching for satchel bags in real leather and cool colors, and affordable ones at that, SOS is the right shop for you.

Check it out!