July 28th, 2011

Thinking About Moving...

LiveJournal was again attacked by hackers.   The last time this happened was in April this year and I was just starting then. 

As a result, I'm again contemplating about moving into another platform (not Blogger) but I love my journal so much now - I love the cute template, the fonts, the layout and everything about it (except maybe that I can't place ads here).   

Secondly, I have just availed of their paid account services that's good for one year, hoping that their program "Your Journal, Your Money" would work for me.   But it didn't.   I wish they would update their FAQ page on this too because I wasn't told that only CSS-formatted ads and widgets would be allowed.     I followed the instructions on how to place Google Ads but it did not work.   The forums weren't able to help much, either. 

I hope LiveJournal would be a better journal in the days to come.   I would love, love to stay here.