July 23rd, 2011

Sad and worried...

Should I worry about not having received any wedding pictures from my other photographers?   Although Nat has already promised to send the raw pictures by post, I haven't received any from Von Lazaro yet, our back-up photographer.  I am expecting more from him since he was the only one paid for his services.   The rest took our photos pro bono, as a wedding gift to us.

Now I read that he's gone to the US and I am a bit worried because he has not given me feedback on when I could have our pictures.   Von is a very talented photographer in my opinion and I am actually happy that he's trying his luck there in the land of the free - where opportunities are aplenty and where photography subjects are endless.  It will surely boost up his portfolio.    

I don't want to let the excitement over the pictures he took at our wedding die down.   But I hate to be on the waiting side.  If I get our photos, well and good.  If not, then it's okey.   I think I will treasure most the shots taken by my brother - not because he's my brother, but because he captured the most beautiful moments in our wedding. 

I am going to give the rest of my suppliers' ratings soon.   I owe it to my w@wie sisters who have helped me much, and seeing that I can't get the rest of the photos on time, I will just make it as lively and detailed as I can. 


I received a message from Von just now over at facebook.  He said he will send the pictures by tomorrow.  He's in the US indeed to take up a short course (maybe about photography).   He also said he's coming home soon as he is getting homesick.      Will relay the message over at w@w to update his other bride-clients.


Sunlife Maxilink Prime

I invest a lot in insurance (aside from jewelries, that is).   It's a form of "forced saving" for me and I like it that insurance products nowadays have more "living" than "death" benefits.   This means that there are benefits you can enjoy while you are living, unlike traditional insurance products before where only your beneficiaries will benefit from it.

Just recently I purchased Sunlife's Maxilink Prime variable life insurance policy.  

As a variable life insurance, it has living benefits equal to the value of the fund, which accumulates as I made my premium payments.  Meaning, my premium payments are used to pay part of the insurance and part of it is investment in my chosen investment scheme to earn the living benefit (or the "fund value").

It has a fixed payment period (10-years) which I like because it means I only have to save up for a fixed term to enjoy its long-term benefits.   The fund value about 10 years from now is projected to be at about P300,000.00, but if I will choose not to get the money immediately after I have completed the payment plan and let it stay in the fund for other 10 years, then I will have about P500,000 by the time I hit 50!   And my total investment is just P240,000, to be paid over a period of 10 years.  Not bad, isn't it?

And aside from being investment plan, it also has a life insurance component that will work if something happens to me.     Ain't it a great product?   How about you?  Are you already covered by an insurance?    How do plan for your future?