July 21st, 2011

Pearl Earrings for Sale

I recently purchased these pink-champagne south sea pearls from my sis-in-law:

They're from Hongkong.   I was instantly mesmerized by their perfect luster and although they're not perfectly round, they have the same size (11mm) and would make a good stud pearl earrings.

Now you all know about my south sea pearls collection.   This is a welcome addition indeed, as I still do not have pink/champagne pearls in my box.

Last week I finally had it set into stud earrings, in 14k yellow gold:

Lovely, aren't they? 

Now a business idea suddenly hit me:   what if I sell these south sea pearl earrings?  It's like starting a jewelry business!    I love jewelries and south sea pearls is one of the best jewelry investments you should make, aside from diamond stud earrings.   

So I posted these earrings over at eBay to see if I can get a buyer hehe.   It is priced fairly cheap considering its luster, silkiness, size, shape (off-round) and color (very light pink / champagne color).     Although we are used to seeing Philippine South Sea Pearls, the Hong Kong variety are equally good.  And I've not seen a good set of pearls this cheap for a long time so hopefully when I'm able to sell this one I can get more from the Hong Kong supplier.   I wanna seize the opportunity.  The plus side is, I know a jeweler who doesn't charge an arm and leg for jewelry settings.  And she's very reliable. 
Check it out, and PM me if you are interested with the pearls.   Wish me success  too as I start on this small business   =)