July 13th, 2011

Wedding Pictures from Nat Lamano

I got the second batch of pictures from Nat Lamano, our photographer friend who rendered his services free for our wedding (thanks so much, Nat!).

You saw the first batch of his pictures here, taken at Hotel Celeste.    He got an eye for detail, and while his are post-processed pictures, he did not go over-the-top.   You know I hate it when I see pictures with background colors changed into something new, so it was a relief to know that Nat enhances the background scenes in his pictures instead of changing them, and obstructive details turns into playful details.    

Here are some more of the pictures he took at the church and at our reception venue, The Pergola:

I love this!   Very classic-looking.   This was taken before the wedding ceremony started. 

Finally a solo shot of AJ!    Yehey!

I super love this photo.   The weather turned good after the mass so you could see how happy we were for that, too.   Another thing, the entourage and guests' brown attire matched perfectly well with St. John Bosco's exteriors.   The color matches are just perfect!

Here's our entrance walk at the Pergola.

Our First Dance.  We danced to the tune of  "Your Song"  by Elton John.   We did not have any dance number ready so just went with the flow. 

And lastly, here is our photowall entry hehe:

Nat will mail to me the rest of his raw shots.  Can't wait!   

Nat Lamano is now accepting full and back-up wedding photography services.  He's great!  I hope he prospers soon!  You can reach him at his mobile number: 0917-4832372.

Looking at his pictures, I happily relive the moments of sheer joy that I experienced during our wedding.    

Thanks again, Kuya Nat!

Food Post: Buffet Galore at Vikings

You have probably heard of this new eat-all-you-can buffet restaurant near SM Mall of Asia that has been drawing crowds these past months:

Welcome to Vikings.   

Here are some of the food lined up to greet you:

The salad/appetizer bar.   This set-up reminds me so much of the buffet restaurant at The Hyatt Hotel in Manila.

More appetizers!  

The sushi bar.  A big hit!

I would have gotten more pictures of the food but I got hungry looking and taking pictures of them so I started filling up my plate already.

I should be ashamed in showing you what I had at Vikings (because they are PLENTY and un-befitting of a lady hehe) but what the heck, it's an eat-all-you-can buffet anyway.

For appetizer I had...

Freshly-baked bread, pasta salad, grapes-and-olives salad, potato salad and a piece of chicken finger.   The chicken finger is tops!  I ended up coming back for more of this.  The potato and pasta salad were also very good, they are comparable to the salads being served at hotels.   Not in picture is the pumpkin soap I had which is also good - very creamy and not heavily salted.

Now for the main course...

Shrimp with butter garlic sauce, Japanese Rice, Fish and Chips, Vegetable Ratatouille, Chicken Fingers (again) and Lengua (Ox Tongue).  

I love all my choices and my favorite would be the Lengua - very tender.  And also the vegetable ratatouille which is very flavorful and the vegetables doesn't have a soggy texture.  

As if my plate wasn't full enough, I went back to the buffet table to get these...

Salmon Pizza, Shark's fin dumpling and Pancit Canton.  Burp burp burp!

Now for the desserts.   It was really tempting to try all these goodies...

Yummy, yes?  Super yummy I would say.  I had only the red velvet cake (in bite-size) and coffee brownie.   The red velvet cake is a must-try!

I capped my meal(s) with a cup of hot brewed coffee (they have refillable coffee too, nice!).  

Do try Viking's.   I say you're missing a lot if you haven't eaten here yet.    It's way, way better than YakiMix.   The cost per head is P688.00 during weekdays and P888.00 during weekends.  The prices quoted are exclusive of the service charge (around 5%).

Vikings is located at Building B, San Miguel by the Bay, Seaside Boulevard, SM Mall of Asia.  You can also call them for reservations at these numbers:  846-3888, 846-4888 and 846-5888 (too many 8's, my lucky number yey!).