July 5th, 2011

Andi Eigenmann's Pregnancy

I was surprised with the news that Andi Eigenmann, who became a household name with the TV show "Agua Bendita", is 4-months pregnant.

The father was believed to be her boyfriend, Albie Casino, and then the son of former President Estrada, who both denied the allegation.

But a colleague of mine told me that the father is not from showbiz but a politico, who is also married.     

Yikes.    This is a bad career move for Andi who was recently lauded as  "The Next Big Thing" by Yes! Magazine (April 2011 issue).  

She's so sayang.    


Motivational Things and Muji Pens

As a young girl, I always look forward to the little "rewards" I get from my parents every time I get good grades in school.   It may be a Hello Kitty pencil or a small toy or a school accessory of my fancy.   When I was in high school it became shirts and branded jeans.   Then I think in college it became extra money (allowance) hehe. 

The material rewards (however small it is) motivated me to do better in the task ahead and it made me feel good at having something to see that will remind me that I've been a hardworking student.

When I started work (that was about 10 years ago), I told myself that I will continue this practice and I buy myself something when there's a big project or research work done.   It would be a Lacoste shirt or a pair of shoes or a bag.   

But when AJ and I started planning and budgeting for our wedding about 2 years ago, I know that I have to "downgrade" my choices hehe.   After all, I've accumulated so much shoes and bags already that would probably last my lifetime.

So I went back to basics, and have come to appreciate again little fine things.

Like these cute hexagonal colored pens at Muji.

I started off with the green pen at the left (just bought one at first) because I found it cute and useful in the office (I use green pens when I correct paper works).     I liked it so much that my next motivational thing became a pair of these colored pens again so I now have 4 colors.    I use them when writing notes or instructions.   I like it when I choose which color to use.  It kind of de-stress me too.   So now I'm seriously thinking of collecting them since there are still a lot to draw choices from.

Just check this photo from Scarlet Scorpion to see how far off I am with my Muji pen collection:

Note to self:  I really have to get a good camera. 

Each hexagonal pen costs P45.00.   Not bad.  Not cheap either.

These candy-colored pens are available only at Muji stores. 

How about you?  Do you reward yourself with something to reward yourself and motivate you further at work?  What would that motivational thing be?