July 3rd, 2011

Surprises about Wedding Gifts

This post comes a little late.   I was supposed to blog about our wedding gifts but I totally forgot about it and now we're using most of them already hehe.

Since, we did not specifically ask for monetary gifts, AJ and I received plenty of gifts.

We had fun opening gifts (most of them in SM wedding wrappers in plain silver because our gift registry was from SM) and we're happy to receive most items from our gift registry list.  

At the same time, we were surprised to find that nobody gave us plates!   It must have been SM's policy of "no delivery" of gift items to the recipient's home (a service available at Rustan's)  that limited our guests' choices to either cookware or bedsheets (because they're easier to carry).   But we loved it that we got plenty of those because they will surely come a long way.   Especially the expensive bedsheets that I know we wouldn't normally afford to buy hehe.

But if nobody gave us plates, about 3 guests gave us microwaves!  And that's in plural form, friends, because we got three!  Hehe!    We also got 2 steam brushes (personal dry cleaning system) of the same brand (Edmark). 

At first, we thought of keeping these duplicate small appliance items, to be recycled as gifts later.  But then again, why not re-sell them?  I think the money, when pooled together, could help AJ and I buy the things that we really need.   We also could not afford storing them for long because our apartment is not that big and storage spaces are therefore not enough for big items like microwaves.

So there, if you are interested in some some cheap but definitely unused microwave oven or steam brush / personal dry cleaning system, check my eBay store and just bid on the items if you like   =)  

We also got gift certificates (GCs) from Fully Booked, a good surprise for both of us since we love books.  

And the biggest surprise of all?  A book as wedding present!   Our friend, Pia, gave us this sci-fi book which you probably have not heard of:

This one's a classic, and a very controversial one because the author, H. G. Wells, speculated on future events and they're all about war and the end of capitalism.  Very un-American hehe.

It'll surely be a long while before we get to receive gifts this many so we'd like to thank all our relatives and friends for their kind gifts!   Salamat ulit!

Our own-style Breaded Pork Fillet

Our lunch today was very easy to prepare and cook.   It's the ol' classic breaded pork (we used the butterfly-cut pork, instead of porkchops) which we just seasoned in salt and pepper, then coated with flour (seasoned with salt and basil leaves), battered egg and bread crumbs. 

Here's our pork fillet being fried (by me, yehey!):

I feel much comfortable frying meat coated with bread crumbs because it lessens oil "splashes" which I am definitely not cool with.

Here's the pork fillet being fried beautifully:

We're using a Tefal fry pan, by the way, a wedding gift from my officemate, Rose (thanks Rose!).

Here's the finished product:

You must be wondering what's the scrambled eggs are for.   Well, we don't want to put into waste the eggs we used as coating for the pork fillet so we fried them too hehe!

The basil leaves added flavor to the pork fillet and I think we can have this same version too with chicken breasts for a chicken parmigiana pasta.   

I am slowly enjoying our cooking sessions at home and it's one of the things I look forward to every weekends now (aside from hitting the malls hehe).

Have a great Sunday, everyone!