I Have Moved...

...to WordPress....and under my own domain!

It's a bold move, I would say, since I've been blogging for just over 4 months but I feel that this is something I would be doing permanently and it's better that I have it in my own domain so that my entries would not be compromised in case the third-party host (in this case, LiveJournal) encounters another hacking problem.

Come join me in my new home:  http://www.leahdeleon.com.  I hope to see you all there!

School of Satchel (SOS)

It looks like I still can't get enough of my lust for satchel bags!

I just saw this pretty and affordable satchel bag available thru online ordering at Heima:

It's made by the School of Satchel (SOS).  How come I haven't heard of them before??    Now I can realize my dream of owning a Cambridge-like Satchel Bag without putting a big dent in my wallet. 

This 13" satchel / batchel is very affordable at P4,800.00, considering that it's 100% genuine leather!     

I heart this so much!   I will start saving now to have one of this, in lovely blue color.

Btw, SOS' satchel bags are available in 15" (for those who prefer briefcase-size bags), also at Heima:

Meantime, my satchel bag from Frances is in the works already and I think I will get that sometime this August.  Yey!

If you are also searching for satchel bags in real leather and cool colors, and affordable ones at that, SOS is the right shop for you.

Check it out!

Google Ads!

Am I dreaming or what???  Is it the Google Ads I'm seeing at the right side bar of my journal?



I think I got my hopes too high and too early.  The Google Ads disappeared again.  Perhaps the glitches currently being experienced by LiveJournal users enabled this feature but did not make it stay when it should be.


Thinking About Moving...

LiveJournal was again attacked by hackers.   The last time this happened was in April this year and I was just starting then. 

As a result, I'm again contemplating about moving into another platform (not Blogger) but I love my journal so much now - I love the cute template, the fonts, the layout and everything about it (except maybe that I can't place ads here).   

Secondly, I have just availed of their paid account services that's good for one year, hoping that their program "Your Journal, Your Money" would work for me.   But it didn't.   I wish they would update their FAQ page on this too because I wasn't told that only CSS-formatted ads and widgets would be allowed.     I followed the instructions on how to place Google Ads but it did not work.   The forums weren't able to help much, either. 

I hope LiveJournal would be a better journal in the days to come.   I would love, love to stay here.   

Opening of Sophie's Mom Bakery & Confectionary

We definitely did not miss the official opening of Sophie's Mom Backery and Confectionary last Saturday, after having been to their store during its soft opening phase

As expected, there were more pastries to drool from and it's the first time I've seen the cupcakes which are all tempting to try!

This is me in my typical weekend get-up:  Columbia shirt, Columbia capri pants and my Fit Flops!   I'm carrying my Balenciaga Bag. 

Now let's get to know the cupcakes:

Their Red Velvet Cupcakes with Cream Cheese Frosting is to die for!  At right are the Dulce de Leche in Chocolate Cupcakes.

The Cookie Dough Cupcakes will definitely be the kids' favorite!   Caramel-sweet frosting in cookie-flavored cupcake. 

The ultimate temptation!   Chocolate Creme Brulee Cupcakes!   It's something new and it's sooo goood!

Bread and cookies are also available aside from the cupcakes.   Among my favorites are the sourdough bread and french bread.  Sophie's Mom also bakes her own ensaymadas.

The little transparent square boxes contain the truffle mochis and we bought the Nutella variety to try.  It was good!   I love the texture of the mochi and it's not too sweet (which I prefer).

To complete the store's vintage look,  art paints are on display but some (like the one below) are on sale as well. 

The Mochi Ice Cream were also available that day so we took home their strawberry mochi to try.  We regret having bought only one because it was really good!   This is going to be their best seller, hands down, so I suggest you get your own ration already because they get sold out fast!    Other great flavors available (aside from our favorite strawberry) are the banoffie and frozen brazo (de mercedes) mochis.

Sophie's Mom and Confectionary is located at Unit 111, 8760 Residences, Santol cor Aranga Sts, San Antonio Village, Makati.    For orders, they may be reached at  4048165 or 8564849 (fax).

Get your mochi ice cream fix now!


German + Rain

AJ and I was able to catch the last 2 days of Cinemalaya 7 and we wanted very much to watch "Isda (Fable of the Fish)" but when we got to Greenbelt 3 last Saturday, all seats were taken for the 6:30 p.m. screening.

We ended up watching Japan's entry to the festival: "German + Rain" which was originally released in 2007:

The movie was less than an 1-hour long, and it's about a misfit, Yoshiko, just 16-year-old and is living alone.  Her grandma, who took care of her when her parents divorced, is dead.   Her mother was already dead and her father is in the hospital suffering some mental-related disorder.    

She wanted very much to become a singer and a mother with kids (in this order) so she works as a gardener's assistant to earn a living.  She works with this German cutie who speaks fluent Japanese and when finally she was able to enter a singing competition, she ruined it because she sent her friend's photo (who is cute, tall and has a model-figure).    She also played a teacher to 3 young boys, teaching them the recorder (some kind of a flute) and one of them grew fond of her because he is a gay (at a very young age, mind!) and Yoshiko understood this and allowed him to cross-dress using her old school uniform.

The movie, like most of the art films I've seen in the past, do not have a linear plot and you have to be patient enough to see to the end to understand the totality of the main character's story.   In the case of Yoshiko, she was a kid who was thrust into a world she is not yet ready with - the world of adulthood and responsiblities.  She is very much a kid who still wants to play.   I loved the scene where she and the elementary kids where playing dodge ball at a tournament and when she lost to a boy much younger than her, her face was just so funny but scary at the same time.    

As for the title, German + Rain, it was the title of the song she composed and sang for her German co-worker and we in the audience we're laughing so hard at the lyrics.   Too bad I wasn't able to put it on paper.  It was crazy and something a 10-year old, and not a 16-year old, girl would write. 

At the end of the movie, I came to love Yoshiko because of her diskarte in life and while she was not able to achieve her dreams, she made an impact to those people around her.   Too bad the last scene of hers was at the hospital bed (she dropped into a hole by her own doing) and we were left to guess if she died or lived.  


Sunlife Maxilink Prime

I invest a lot in insurance (aside from jewelries, that is).   It's a form of "forced saving" for me and I like it that insurance products nowadays have more "living" than "death" benefits.   This means that there are benefits you can enjoy while you are living, unlike traditional insurance products before where only your beneficiaries will benefit from it.

Just recently I purchased Sunlife's Maxilink Prime variable life insurance policy.  

As a variable life insurance, it has living benefits equal to the value of the fund, which accumulates as I made my premium payments.  Meaning, my premium payments are used to pay part of the insurance and part of it is investment in my chosen investment scheme to earn the living benefit (or the "fund value").

It has a fixed payment period (10-years) which I like because it means I only have to save up for a fixed term to enjoy its long-term benefits.   The fund value about 10 years from now is projected to be at about P300,000.00, but if I will choose not to get the money immediately after I have completed the payment plan and let it stay in the fund for other 10 years, then I will have about P500,000 by the time I hit 50!   And my total investment is just P240,000, to be paid over a period of 10 years.  Not bad, isn't it?

And aside from being investment plan, it also has a life insurance component that will work if something happens to me.     Ain't it a great product?   How about you?  Are you already covered by an insurance?    How do plan for your future? 

Sad and worried...

Should I worry about not having received any wedding pictures from my other photographers?   Although Nat has already promised to send the raw pictures by post, I haven't received any from Von Lazaro yet, our back-up photographer.  I am expecting more from him since he was the only one paid for his services.   The rest took our photos pro bono, as a wedding gift to us.

Now I read that he's gone to the US and I am a bit worried because he has not given me feedback on when I could have our pictures.   Von is a very talented photographer in my opinion and I am actually happy that he's trying his luck there in the land of the free - where opportunities are aplenty and where photography subjects are endless.  It will surely boost up his portfolio.    

I don't want to let the excitement over the pictures he took at our wedding die down.   But I hate to be on the waiting side.  If I get our photos, well and good.  If not, then it's okey.   I think I will treasure most the shots taken by my brother - not because he's my brother, but because he captured the most beautiful moments in our wedding. 

I am going to give the rest of my suppliers' ratings soon.   I owe it to my w@wie sisters who have helped me much, and seeing that I can't get the rest of the photos on time, I will just make it as lively and detailed as I can. 


I received a message from Von just now over at facebook.  He said he will send the pictures by tomorrow.  He's in the US indeed to take up a short course (maybe about photography).   He also said he's coming home soon as he is getting homesick.      Will relay the message over at w@w to update his other bride-clients.


Pearl Earrings for Sale

I recently purchased these pink-champagne south sea pearls from my sis-in-law:

They're from Hongkong.   I was instantly mesmerized by their perfect luster and although they're not perfectly round, they have the same size (11mm) and would make a good stud pearl earrings.

Now you all know about my south sea pearls collection.   This is a welcome addition indeed, as I still do not have pink/champagne pearls in my box.

Last week I finally had it set into stud earrings, in 14k yellow gold:

Lovely, aren't they? 

Now a business idea suddenly hit me:   what if I sell these south sea pearl earrings?  It's like starting a jewelry business!    I love jewelries and south sea pearls is one of the best jewelry investments you should make, aside from diamond stud earrings.   

So I posted these earrings over at eBay to see if I can get a buyer hehe.   It is priced fairly cheap considering its luster, silkiness, size, shape (off-round) and color (very light pink / champagne color).     Although we are used to seeing Philippine South Sea Pearls, the Hong Kong variety are equally good.  And I've not seen a good set of pearls this cheap for a long time so hopefully when I'm able to sell this one I can get more from the Hong Kong supplier.   I wanna seize the opportunity.  The plus side is, I know a jeweler who doesn't charge an arm and leg for jewelry settings.  And she's very reliable. 
Check it out, and PM me if you are interested with the pearls.   Wish me success  too as I start on this small business   =)